Saturday, July 30, 2011

Succulent Saturday - The Scottish Games Part I

This weekend I made my annual pilgrimage to the Scottish Highland Games at the base of Mt. Rainier.....

We were greeted by the Massing of the Pipes (my favorite thing!)

Made a token visit to my Clan tent (one of several I am descended from..)

Got to watch big, burly kilted men toss the caber -

And then there is the fair food!

..the paraphernalia... 

The dogs in the Scottish Kennel show (the biggest wolf hound I think I've ever seen! Plus the sheepdog with his own fan since it was such a hot day :-).

The spontaneous dancers...

This gal was fun to watch - loved her use of  'wings' as she danced....

And the cute people!

(loved this kid - pulling the wagon with a couple of swords, a cooler and all their belongings..)

Fun day!


melinda beavers said...

Were Claire and Jamie there? ;)
One of my current obsessions is the Outlander series… been listening to the audiobooks while I work since spring… only bk5 isn't available until Nov. (a digital rights debacle). So much happens in each one of these MASSIVE novels that I just can't skip ahead to bkk 6 and 7. :(
Looks like it was a lot of fun… would love to go myself some day! :)

{Libby} said...

Wow - were you there Friday? If you were - we most likely passed by each other. I love the Games - So amazing and beautful (the pipes and drums make me want to dance!).

TaraLarsenChang said...

Melinda - they have them all over. You should see where the closest ones to you are.

{Libby} - I was at an Arts Festival further north on Friday. Saturday was the day (which was fortunate considering the weather for much of early Sunday!)