Saturday, July 02, 2011

IMC Report - Part II

One of the highlights of our week was the number of fabulous lectures we got to listen to -
 -2 or more a day! from both guests and full-time faculty alike that we all eagerly piled into the lecture hall  to hear...

Guest lecture - Peter de Seve - one of the funniest people I have ever heard (seen) speak!

Mo Willems - who taught us to draw his pigeon, complete with sound effects.

The always engaging and all-knowledgeable James Gurney gave us *2* mind-blowingly informative lectures.

Scott Allie (working under the watchful eye of Greg Manchess' Conan) gave a most informative comic lecture.

The incredibly prolific Jeff Mack spent the week with us -

(He posted a number of his paintings for us to oogle....)

(Me, Jeff and John Deininger - us kid-book illustrators gotta hang together....)

Our other week-long children's illustrator guest, the drolly hilarious Mr. Adam Rex (whose books I adore).

We got to take a gander at his deliciously awesome sketchbook. Man! that guy can draw adorably appealing characters. I was totally drooling. (Mr. Rex informs me that that is probably because I have cancer of the salivary gland. Just like that Beastie Boys guy has..)

We got to see a bunch of process for this piece (here in sketch stage..)

(and here painting on it!)

(initial color laid in. SUCH cute characters! Can I be him when I grow up?)

There are more lectures that I shall cover - but the final one was given by the lovely and omnipresent, all-influencial Irene Gallo (in her 'office' on the studio floor...)(and who is currently in Iceland. I am feeling jealous).

More reports, anon.


d said...

You're hangin' with some top people!I'd love to hear Gurney. Well, I'd probably love to hear all of those people!
Glad you had a happy and productive time

TaraLarsenChang said...

That's part of the big appeal. The instructors are *awesome* - and so accessible and personable. Fabulous experience!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Ha Tara...your reports put mine to shame. "drolly hilarious"? Where DO you come up with these adjectives?