Tuesday, July 05, 2011

IMC Report - Part III

Let's see if we can finish up my very belated IMC report over the next couple of days...

A bit on the full-time faculty - and their lectures/demos:
 There was Boris and Julie, lovely and gracious as always. Great lecture on adding Flair and Splash to our paintings.

 And it's always amazing -watching them paint. 

 They finish or nearly finish a complex piece every week they've done IMC.

 Donato showed us a preview of an awesome looking process video -  

 -of his impactful Joan of Arc painting, which he brought for us to see.

 He also started a new Middle Earth painting -

 Frodo, in the tower of Cirith Ungol.

Dan gave a couple of great lectures, did this portrait demo -

-and brought his original Wheel of Time ebook cover painting (great write-up on it's process here).

Scott Fischer talked to us all about putting the zib-zab in the whammalamma!

Great lectures, and a fun spontaneous demo or two.

He brought a bunch of originals (this one is older, but is one of my all-time favorites). He had Magic card art, book covers, children's book illustrations - and a slew of black and white pen and ink interiors (like these).

Scott's lovely and *super* talented wife, Teresa, brought a few of her incredible paintings for us to drool over.

-but apparently, Scott's ultimate goal is to paint like our hero, Greg Manchess!

Greg gave us a couple of great lectures, including his famous "Talent is.....Crap" lecture. :-)

And here is Greg, who has painted in *every* genre - showing some of his latest work (graphic novel covers) to Rebecca Guay and Scott Allie.

(Slightly better view of said covers...)

He is always a popular demonstrator -

-and a popular critiquer-and-co-painter (along with Scott) on our pieces. :-)

(See a fabulous step-by-step blog post on his latest US Postage stamp).

Tomorrow - more in-depth demos.


Vickie said...

Oh my! I just love hearing about your time there. It makes me wish I'd really started working on my art sooner so I could be developed enough to attend one on these. Of course the lottery fairy would have to drop a buck or two as well. Still it's inspirational hearing about your trip. Thanks!!

Hayden said...

loved looking at all of these, hearing your experience of it. Fascinated - and keep thinking - 'where was this stuff all of my life? why am I only discovering it now, through Tara's blog?'

deeply, deeply love it.

too, I think my eyes weren't ready. I was too childish, so I clung to being 'grown up' and looking past things that weren't 'real.'

Sigh. the folly. Glad that I'm finally growing up enough to really look, really begin to see - and recognize how much I love 'fantasy.'

TaraLarsenChang said...

Vickie - there is every age and skill level represented in the student body. Don't let that deter you!

Hayden - for me, 'fantasy', fairytale, mythology and archetypes are all very potent metaphors for 'real' life and experience. Many times *more* potent than a strictly factual approach because they can be so richly layered with meaning. I resonate so much with them.