Wednesday, July 06, 2011

IMC Report - Part IV

Today I will tell you about the wonder that is Rebecca Guay -
Not only is she the originator and driving force behind the IMC,

-she is an excellent and entertaining lecturer (we got to see lots of her process and really think about the motivations behind making imagery...).

She brought quite a bit of original work for us to look at -

Book interiors, Magic cards,....

her IMC piece from last year-

-work from her upcoming, amazing looking graphic novels -

-and her Spectrum Gold award winning personal piece!

She also did a lovely demo for us, based on a photo of her daughter. She started the underdrawing/painting on the computer -

-printed out on watercolor paper, sealed and an initial coat of acryla-gouache paint put down.

-more painting....

-more detail added via paint, and outlines strengthened with a verithin pencil...

When this underpainting stage has been taken as far desired, she seals it with galkyd and starts layering on oil glazes...

This is how far she got by the end of the week. So lovely to watch it appear underneath her brush. She is one of the big reasons I go.


Hayden said...

wow, how cool is that- so amazed and fascinated by the process!

Merisi said...

I can only begin to imagine how much there is to observe and take in at such an intensive event!

TaraLarsenChang said...

SO much to take in! You are completely filled-to-the-brim/overflowing by the time you are done. Which happily, lasts a good while before you start itching to do it all over again. :-)