Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IMC Report - Part Last

Let's wrap this up, shall we? It's only been a month now....

As fabulous as all the artistic learning was (and it was fabulous), the best best part about IMC is the lovely, wonderful people and friendships that happen! Such as -
The so-great Sue Cornelison and Judy Riggenbach.

and the adorable Daniel Katz and Dylan Sara.
 But I won't tax you with endless people-photos. Except to document one of the annual end-activities-

We get note-taking sketchbooks at the beginning of the week, and spend the last bit signing and sketching in each others'. Just like high school! So goodbye to -

Donato, here signing...

Dan dos Santos signing Kim Kinkaid's...

Renae Taylor -

Adam Rex -

Scott Fischer -

and Greg Manchess....

(We signed until our signers were sore....)

So goodbye to an amazing week, wonderful people and so many memories....

(And if you *do* want to see more pictures of people - I have an album of people-standing-next-to-their-easels with their art if you'd like to peruse here).

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