Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Sketching - Scottish Festival Part II

My favorite thing at the Scottish Games is always the music. After the Massing of the Pipes, I adore the Wicked Tinkers -
Known for their "Celtic Tribal" sound -

-they are some of my favorite live performers, ever!

They are heavy on the drum sound -

-and audience interaction -

-world-class piping!

-and the addition of tribal sounds of the Australian didgeridoo and the Bronze Age Irish horn...  

(I actually drew this Saturday - but here's attempts to sketch the band members in motion..)

I'll leave you with some taped Wicked Tinker performances (although they lose something by not being there in person. The energy of the live performances is difficult to replicate) -

You can kind of see how their shows look in this one - the spontaneous dancing, and their getting off-stage and playing in the audience... The guy with the fans was there yesterday as well - he was also pretty amazing to watch.

A promo sort of video giving you a taste of their performances (there is lots of twirling in their 'traditionally worn' kilts...)

And a performance on Craig Ferguson. Love them!


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

That drummer would make for some good reference for your giants. Great post, Tara.

TaraLarsenChang said...

Yes, yes he would. I actually took a bunch of pics of burly-kilted-Scots-in-funny-socks-and-boots for just that purpose. :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

love the music :D

don't hear bagpipes around here very often unless there is a wedding going on :p