Monday, September 05, 2011

Music Monday - Cemeteries..

This book promo on Duriwaigh Films is gorgeous (there is no embeddable file as far as I can tell, but scroll down to the bottom to the Guardian: Cemeteries and their Sentinels)- both in imagery, and in music.

Seemed appropriate to include some photos of the old and charming Parowan cemetery we visited a couple of weeks ago (click on any of the pictures to see larger versions with more detail):
It was full of lovely, upright grave markers - many from the original settlers of this small area...

One of the things that seems unique these old tombstones is that many include inspirational quotes...

Large variety of stone carving -

-shapes (so many with lambs...which are used for the very young... sad and touching to see)-


-and ornamentation-

It was a surprisingly sweet, sunlit, pleasant place....


nancy said...

Several years ago I was having radiation therapy for breast cancer. The building where I had my treatments was out at the edge of town, and behind it was an old cemetery. I think the most recent grave dated to the 50's, most were from the mid to late 1800's or early 1900's.
When my treatment was done for the day, I'd walk back to the cemetery. It was a quiet, peaceful place with quite a few of the old stones tipping this way or that. There were some huge old yew bushes planted behind some the markers, a few rose bushes, and a couple of old trees. Some of the graves were covered with marble slabs, and groundhogs had taken advantage of the shelter to dig their burrows under them. I'd wander around, listening to the birds sing and the wind rustle the leaves.
About 6 months after my last treatment I went for a recheck, and went back to the cemetery for some quiet time. As I approached I saw what appeared to be tire tracks from heavy equipment, and my heart sank. Sure enough, someone had "tidied up." The stones were now in nice, neat rows (no longer marking the graves), the yew bushes and old trees were gone, and the groundhog burrows filled in. I was heartbroken. I keep thinking maybe I'll go back and see how it looks now; maybe someone has planted new bushes or trees, and maybe the ruts from the bulldozers are gone. But another part of me just wants to remember how it used to be. Thanks for the lovely pictures; they brought back some pleasant memories even if the place is gone now. And if you wonder, I'm still cancer-free, thank you God :).

TaraLarsenChang said...

Lovely story Nancy. There is not much like a peaceful cemetery. Hope yours has recovered.