Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WIP Wednesday - stuff

The only paintbrush I've been able to wield of late is a large, rough, household one -
With both kids gone, along with their bedroom furniture, I decided it's time to repaint and re-carpet down in the basement -
- which took a bit of doing considering that both of their rooms were a fairly intense shade of blue (my daughter's room was literally the same shade of blue as the painter's tape). Lots of prepping and priming...

- but they are both now painted a nice warm, creamy white (along with all the trim, doors and ceilings). I'll have to wait until daylight to see if this is sufficient or if any of that deep blue is still showing through.

They will soon have new designations and much re-arranging is still to come...

In the studio, I've been doing a bit of modern-master copies as prep for the current book dummy I'm working on. Here's page of Jean-Baptiste Monge,

-and a pen study of William Stout. (it's disconcertingly SO much easier to copy somebody than originate one's own.. Fun though. :-)

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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Oh Tara, those faeries are wonderful. Yes, I see Jean-Baptiste's influence but you've managed to create something all your own as well. Love the linework on the sea dragon as well.
(you wield a mean paintbrush - rooms look non-blue)