Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Retreat - Part IX (art 'mascot')

We had an interesting phenomenon spontaneously occur this year-
-Kathleen has been taking a class, and did this lovely little pastel still life for an exercise. We all really liked it, 

and throughout our time there, most of us ended up doing a version of it in our own preferred medium (a fun, new exercise for all of us to try).

It became the week's art equivalent of a 'mascot'. :-)

(This was my watercolor version. I was not only attempting to copy a pastel in a water medium, but was trying out some M. Graham pigments as well. They are luscious!)

So, here are various versions - the original pastel, acryla-gouache, watercolor, watercolor-miniature, pencil and watercolor on Yupo... (you can click on this for a larger view).

So, I was not only trying out a new brand of paint, but a very limited 3-color primary palette. Fun exercise!

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