Thursday, October 06, 2011

Retreat - Part Last (the art)

So much wonderful stuff happens on our retreats - visiting, hiking, eating(!), communing of all sorts in general, but the primary purpose is to be making art!  At the end of our stay, we try to hold a brief critique/show and tell to look over what we've worked on during the week-
Rebecca plowed through a pile of wonderful things! Bright creatures all (warm-up paintings here) -

She made it through nearly an entire deck of these fabulous-critters-as-tarot-characters.

Aren't they fabulous? We're all hoping she gets them printed so we can buy our own.

Gudrun dabbled in various mediums - pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencils, clay and felted critters. Lovely, delicate things...

Kathleen, who does such wonderfully expressive drawings, is experimenting with translating them into painting.

(and it is so *fabulous* to have so much ready input here together at our fingertips. Immediate feedback!)

The fabulous Michelle - lots of mini-landscapes and Sculpy sculptures....

Suzy continues to work on her underwater-themed silk paintings...

(as well as sketching some chicken-based designs for future paintings. So adorable.)

Jo is slaving away on her current book (look at how amazing those teensy color comps are!)

And as for me, I set a significant personal record for things accomplished. My best retreat thus far, *by* far.

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