Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greg Manchess Workshop! - Day 2

Day #2 - and we're slaving away!

(We are few in number, and therefore get good one-on-one attention from slave-driver, Greg...)

Plus, demos!

And lectures, punctuated by many examples of many peoples' praise-worthy art,

and art techniques...

(with a slight interruption by a relatively brief power-outage. Who says workshops aren't full of surprises and excitement?)

The most exciting part however, is seeing how ones' own compositions can be pushed and strengthened even *further* by such a keen and experienced eye. Really inspiring to see!

Sadly, last day is tomorrow...


Aaron B Miller said...

did the tracing paper mater or was it just what was on hand. man i would love to have been there!

TaraLarsenChang said...

A lot of the work, after very initial roughing things out, was done on tracing paper (whatever you had). Really speeds up the re-draw/re-design process.

I think we'll be doing this again. Maybe next time for you, Aaron?!

Aaron B Miller said...

i'd love to.