Sunday, November 13, 2011

Greg Manchess Workshop! - Day 3

It is sadly the *last* day of our workshop with the fabulous Greg...
 So.Much.Stuff! The day(s) flew by.

 Lecture, lecture -

 work, work -

 lecture, lecture -

 work, work (study, reference...)-

 lecture, lecture, critique, draw some *more*.

 Lots attempted. Lots done. Lots learned. Lots talked about. Lots to think about and keep applying. Lots of great people to get to know and work with. SO good overall.

-so much so, we continued to talk, share and deliberate even after coming home to decompress... (Part of the fun for me was having a third of the class staying at my house for the duration. :-)

At any rate, I came home with ideas for a number of new pieces to explore, and hopefully expanded skills with which to attempt them.

Thanks all you workshop folks - it was a weekend to remember.
And thanks so much Greg for sharing your fabulousness.


CJ said...

Hey Tara,
So great to catch up with all your doings. Finally, halfway around the world and two, more,later; have got a decent Internet connection! Thought I'd stop by and say "Hi".
Hope all's well,

The Garden Ms. S said...

Sounds like a jolt of the right creative stuff. :) BTW, you are looking younger, lady!! Oh yes.

Purpletreebird said...

Looks like a fun workshop :) I haven't done any classes for a long time!
Jess x x

Kenneth L Kvamme said...

Hi Tara,
The workshop looks great. Wish I could have made it! Some one-on-one time, or even 10-on-one time, with Greg would be fantastic