Friday, March 16, 2012

Figure Friday - and ephemeral sunshine.

 Life drawing day....

It was rainy, blustery and not far above freezing when I headed out this morning. Being March, numerous things are blooming and the weather changes on a dime.

 By the time the session was over, the sun was out (much to the chickens' delight).

 I loved the sun shining through the water droplets encrusting everything. :-)

From a distance, it looked a bit like the ornamental pear blossoms that are erupting everywhere -

- but close-up, more like diamonds! 

I do love spring. :-)


andrea said...

I just caught up on your life, sort of, by scrolling through your blog. I don't really use Twitter but sometimes I check in and saw the link to this post and realized that I am still not getting any notification of your posts on FB. I checked my settings and there's no reason for it so I'm stumped. I didn't even get a birthday reminder (whcih I totally rely on) unless I wasn't on Facebook that day, so very belated Happy Birthday! Anyway, happy to see you busily creative, chickens thriving and your son now a married man! How thrilling.

Tara Chang said...

That is bizarre - fb posts it twice whenever I put up a blog entry.

As you have noticed, I've been a bit busy and somewhat distracted - internet presence fairly spotty at present. I have one more wedding open house this upcoming weekend, and then I hope to get back to 'life'... and maybe even *art*?!