Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantastic Friday - Spectrum Live

I just have to say that the first day of Spectrum Live was fabulous. So much amazing art. So many amazing, creative, talented, lovely people. Re-connecting with many old friends and making new ones. I am so busy looking and talking and generally being amazed that I keep forgetting to even get out my camera (sorry. I'll get a few shots to post next week, I promise) and I haven't been able to stop long enough to buy anything, although there are a number of things on my wish list that I hope to acquire tomorrow - in-between the too-many-to-chose-from panels, and general schmoozing. I just came down from the (very hot and crowded) drawing jam on the roof floor of the Aladdin Hotel where I got to stand and chat with Greg Manchess, Greg Spalenka (Gregs in Stereo! I SO wish I had gotten a picture of that - they are nearly exactly the same size and totally huggable) and Iain McCaig ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about creative giants en masse - that was a fun discussion to sit in on! Anyway - tis awesome. You should all be here.

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