Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music Monday - Spectrum Live

I know it is no longer Monday, nor exactly music (although there is some appropriate accompaniment in the Gurney one), but I thought some overviews of the weekend would be a good thing to post while I'm processing all the pictures and promo material and information I acquired whilst in Kansas City last week...

Here is James Gurney's mini-film of his adventures (in typical humorous, smart, Gurney-form):

Here is a really good article which includes many a fabulous photo: Rockville Music Magazine

 And here is a photo from Irene Gallo (one of the few I know I'm actually in. Mostly I just took them): 
(It's me, and Greg Manchess and Arkady Roytman fairly drooling over some Eric Fortune originals. Yum!)

So MUCH yummy, arty goodness!  Much more to come.

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Carl V. said...

Fun! I had heard about Gurney's film but hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for posting it. Ah, I wish we could rewind time and do it all over again.

Eric Fortune is great! Wasn't it amazing to see so much original work? I was in so much awe at the skill of so many different artists.