Friday, May 25, 2012

Retrospective Friday - Kansas City

Spent all of last week in Kansas City. It is a beautiful city (at least the limited part that I was in)-
I stayed several places (long, boring story), but the bulk of it was in the Marriott (on the left) while I attended the Artist as Brand workshop, and the Aladdin (small, boutiquey hotel) on the right whilst I was attending Spectrum Live.

Spectrum Live was held in this ginormous convention center across the way. The Artist as Brand workshop was ironically held at the Aladdin Hotel. :-)

The Marriott Hotel was adorned with colored lights and beautiful fountains, had room service and a Concierge's Lounge....

This was my view from my window -

- and this.

The Aladdin had....eclectic decor.... (at least all the 'fun kids' saying there. :-) 

This was my view from my window - 

(if you craned your neck, you could see some skyline at least :-) 

On the plus side, there were origami towels in my room. :-)

We walked around a number of times in the Power and Light district. The buildings are quite lovely. A mix of shiny new - 

- and lovely, ornate old...

It really was an appealing place - architecturally as well as feeling clean, safe and upscale. Also, the food was good  - they are known for their BBQ, 

-and booze apparently. There was alcohol served *everywhere*, including Burger King. :-)

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melinda beavers said...

Lovely pics - thanks for sharing, Tara!