Saturday, June 09, 2012

Philadelphia - part III, Eating!

We spent a great deal of our time whilst in Philly *eating*!
Spent a fun morning in Reading Terminal Market. The food offerings there were wide and diverse - 

- from homey, Amish fare -


- to the humorous and bizarre. I had a bacon-egg-spinach crepe there for breakfast. And fresh filled cannolis  for dessert. :-)

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Italian Market  - 

(my husband's favorite Italian bakery. We've been visiting for years. More award winning cannolis!)

Spent a lovely evening at a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, awesome Mediterranean restaurant called Dmitri's - (Chocolate Pot de' creme? Oh.My.Goodness! Never tasted anything that yummy before I don't think...)

-made even better by good company (the lovely Christina Hess and fabulous Dominick Saponaro. Thanks for chauffeuring me around all day!) -

Made a special trip to Brusters - a gazillion-flavored ice cream franchise that Seattle is sadly lacking...

And then there is my husband's regional mecca of cheese-steaky goodness - Pat's (of Rocky's fame) -

(If you are ever there and needing to order - make sure you read the directions first!)

...happy, happy man!

There were also authentic sub sandwiches (with extra extra sweet peppers), Chinese buffets and Korean BBQ's.

I think I gained 10 lb.s, but it was certainly fun! I've really missed some of those things.

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