Saturday, June 09, 2012

Philadelphia - part IV, Drexel Hill

Part of the reason for the Philly visit was to see the in-laws -
(Father in law, and his lovely wife..)
They live in a charming 100-year old house in the scenic borough of Drexel Hill

I love the neighborhood. Every house is different, beautiful and full of character.

They look a bit too fancy-pants to sport a sizable veggie garden, so I guess I won't aspire to living there one day, but I do love visiting.


Merisi said...

These are very interesting houses. They look as if a builder was willing to not just create another cookie-cutter neighborhood. Who knows, there may be backyards full of vegetable plots! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This would be my dream neighborhood!

Tara Chang said...

I wonder if there were such things as cookie-cutter neighborhoods 100 years ago? Part of their charm, I'm sure!

It is a gorgeous neighborhood...