Sunday, March 03, 2013

Emerald City Comicon -

 Spent the weekend at ECCC (along with about 65,000 other folks...)

 The fans were out in force!

Saw artist friends, old and new (found out that RK Post just moved in about a mile away from me. :-)

And I am very lucky in that some awesome friends of mine hosted TLCWorkshop biz cards and info on their tables for me (thank you Brom!!! And Echo! And Chris!)

And darling Julie Baroh! (juggling 35 things, as usual)-

And thanks Krab Jab guys!
I was also there helping out Krab Jab with the art show that Julie curated - left over Faerie art as well a whole new 20th Anniversary Magic the Gathering retrospective.

Many people came through and enjoyed the art show. :-)

I also got to be on a really fun panel with Ron Kmiec, Jon Shindehette, Brian Snoddy and Tenaya Sims - talking about "Ongoing Education for the Gaming Artist" (more plugging of TLCWorkshops).

Fun weekend! You should be there.

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