Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Monday - Weekend in New England (Spring Retreat - Part I)

 My critique group had its annual spring retreat this past weekend. We stayed in a lovely spot on Puget Sound. Despite being on the opposite coast, the location reminded me of Barry Manilow's Weekend in New England (although we were all caught up in *art* rather than romance...)

(Say what you want about the kitchy-ness that is Barry Manilow, the man can sing! What a live performance!)

The view from the ferry as we headed over. The sun started breaking through the clouds for the first time all week.

 On the other side, we stopped for lunch at a teensy, award-winning and most delicious crepery.

Yum! SOOO good.

After driving through scenic countryside for about an hour, we arrived at Fort Flagler. We stayed in the rather non-descript building in the middle there. Utilitarian looking, but the inside is *perfect* for our group-art needs. We'll be returning, I'm sure.

Our buildling was at the top of a bluff overlooking the Sound - 

From our living room window, you could not only see water, and Whidbey Island, and sailing things, but various mountains peeked out - like Mount Rainier -

- to Mount Hood. Pretty spectacular view (when it's clear at least).

Fort Flagler is still home to it's original Army gunnery installations - 

(this one at least looked vaguely medieval...?)

And from the tip of the island which comprises Fort Flagler, Port Townsend is visible.

More anon.

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