Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Retreat - Part II

 Despite some of our husband's (wishful?) projections that all we do is have pillow fights in lingerie on our get-togethers, we spend the vast majority of the time making art -

 This location was great for light, floor and table space - we all got to spread out and do our own thing.

(Kathleen's latest experimentation. Love it!)

 Suzy and Gudrun are painting on silk and sculpting respectively -

(some of Gudrun's darling clay creations. Her preferred medium is stone).

 Rebecca is working on a 9-painting series of darling imagery for the children's hospital.

 And then there was the group project - monoprinting on gelatin 'plates' -

 (Here's one of Jo's in-process) -

 Michelle (who's going to Georgetown Atelier part-time with me) and I did homework/anatomy studies, amongst other things.

 Leg studies...

Working on ankles and feet...

There were also long walks, chatting, much advice and critiquing given and sought...

 ...and as always, many fabulous meals together (such good cooks!)

Thanks again for yet another fabulous weekend girls!

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