Saturday, April 13, 2013

Succulent Saturday - Art Opens!

This was a gallery weekend!
Friday night, a few friends and I went to Roq la Rue for the Travis Louie exhibit (he is so one of my favorite painters).

The gallery was crowded with fans and ardent viewers -

Some of the attendees were nearly as interesting as the paintings themselves. :-)

(Found this amusing - this woman with LOTS of hair photographing the hair painting)

Got to *meet* and chat with Mr. Louie himself! (He is charming and personable).

Here - he is personalizing my book, and I am getting his contact info. Hopefully he can come teach for TLCWorkshops in the future? (I would so *love* that!)

Here is my fabulous personalization!

(Oh, and I picked up a copy of the most recent Hi-Fructose - it has a whole Marco Mazzoni sketchbook insert in it! Oh, the awesome!)

Tonight, I got to see RK Post's exhibit at Krab Jab Studio.

Here is the contemplatively debonair Mr. Post himself.... (sadly, his pug had already gone home).

Krab Jab has other art, from previous shows, also up for sale (my faery piece is there in the lower right corner).

(These patrons approve of this exhibit!)

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