Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Workshop Sketches

This past weekend was my 2D Concept Design TLCWorkshop - with 2 awesome designers from Weta Workshop in New Zealand (of The Hobbit movies designing fame) and a guest visit by Iain McCaig (well-known, super-star, Star Wars designer)(You can read more specifics about this workshop starting here).

Now I really don't have much desire to do concept work for films, but I found the whole process they shared with us fascinating. And tried to learn and apply elements that actually work well for illustration. I'm a strong believer in cross-genre learning. So much is applicable, and broadens one's understanding and artistry. (Part of this learning entailed doing a little impromptu sculpting so that I could picture the elements in three dimensions).

My efforts were a bit hampered by spraining my wrist (of my drawing hand of course) a couple of weeks ago. Could only draw in spurts. However, I used those spurts to redesign the iconic elements of latest fantasy portrait I'm working on. With the input of Paul Tobin, Nick Keller and Iain, I felt I learned a bunch about pushing design elements past my normal ruts/comfort zones. Ways to incorporate even *more* thematic elements and ways to research source material to help with it all.

It really was a fabulous weekend. Great class members, great learning curve, *fabulous* instructors, who are terrific artists and even more amazing humans. (If you haven't attended a TLCWorkshop, you really ought to treat yourself. They're pretty great, if I do say so myself).

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