Saturday, June 21, 2014

Succulent Saturday - Our Excellent Froudian Adventure

 Today, Julie Baroh (of Krab Jab Studio) and I/TLCWorkshops went on a little road trip to Portland - 

 We went to see Toby Froud's puppet-short premier at Portland's charming Hollywood Theatre.

 The actual puppets used in the film were on display in the lobby.

 They follow proudly in the Froud-family tradition in  look and feel.

 After viewing his film, Lessons Learned, Toby and a representative from Heather Henson's company (who is helping by giving seed money to various puppet artists to make their own short films. Toby's is 9th in their roster) came out for a Q & A.

 Toby was enthusiastic and charming - with his lingering British accent.

 After the film and presentation, Julie and I took a stack of personal and Krab Jab merch for the senior Frouds to sign (Julie - fan-girling at Brian's side. :-).

 Wendy gamely signed a large box of her gorgeous art book. We got to chat during the process - until we were hurried out as the next event was ready to start in the theater.

The Frouds are lovely, charming artists and people. It was fun spending a little time with them all. Hope to be able to do it again soon!.

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