Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall Retreat - Part III (Adventures in Eating)

 As I mentioned, there were some rather glorious mushrooms this year!

 (Chanterelles galore!)

 We always eat well (artists can make the best cooks) - but when we get to add copious amounts of wild mushrooms to the mix, things elevate quickly. Mushroom tarts - 

 Pots of mushroom soup. Mushrooms in the salad. 

 As for one of the adventures I mentioned - we lost the hydro-electric generator a couple of days into our stay.... The remainder of the week was done by lantern....

 (luckily we are all also good sports. And inventive.)
The meals were spectacular overall.

I leave you with a photo of some of our 'pornographic carrots'. One of our more 'spicy' ingredients. :-)

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