Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Retreat - Part VI (Making Art)

Typically a great deal of art-making happens in the cabin...

 ...but after the generator went out, it got much more difficult to do - lanterns are really not as bright as lightbulbs! (What did our pioneer ancestors do in all that dim lighting...?)

So, we had to move outside and work by the light of the sun.

Luckily, the weather was lovely and cooperative!

 More plein air happened than usual. :-)

 Of course this did mean that our working time was limited...

 (I had hoped to get more painting done than I did, but ah well... I did make some good progress)

 Of course, it wasn't all work. Besides hikes, walks and mushroom hunting, there was yoga and meditation and general communing with nature... well as just some much deserved chillin'!

Lovely week as always. Thanks POBL girls!

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