Saturday, March 14, 2015

Faerie III Open!

This weekend was the open for the Faerie III art show 
(which I curated again this year).
 (sculpture by Wendy Froud)

The studio was filled with beautiful art
(You can click any of these photos for a larger view. You can also see the full show catalog here) -

 - and sparkly faerie ambiance.

 A nice showing of participating artists were in attendance (shown here: Mark Winters, Sara Betsy Winters, Amy Brown and Emily Fiegenshuh.)

 In addition to the visual art and ambiance, we had Betsy Tinney on the cello.

 Mid-way through the evening, we had an 'artist/curator talk' where we discussed the pieces  we created and our feelings about the Realm of Faerie.

 There was quite a crowd - from young to old - enjoying the art offerings.

 (I even think there might have been a few fae who came to check things out).

 And of course, there was a faerie feast.

 (One of the guest artists, Cory Godbey, posted an interview with me about the show on Muddy Colors here).

 It was a lovely evening for all - 

And some of the faerie paintings are going to new homes to enchant new owners.

The show is up through April 4th. Go check it out in person!

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