Wednesday, March 25, 2015

February Recap -

There has been so much going on - since mid-January in fact, that I've kind of given up on catching up in any comprehensive way, so I'm just going to post an overview or two. This one of the whirl-wind that was February....

It started with Greg Spalenka's Alla Prima workshop (which I did have time to document here).

This was quickly followed by the coterie of French artists coming to town - the first event with them being their gallery open at Krab Jab Studio -

- immediately followed by Virginie Ropar's one-day workshop for TLCWorkshops.

Greg Spalenka came to town, and Krab Jab Studio hosted his Artist As Brand TLCWorkshop.

All the above artists, and *more* were all guests at MythicWorlds (I was the 'artist wrangler - acting as liason for all of their mini-workshops for the convention).

All in all, it was a crazy-busy month - full of art, artists, learning and good times. Still recovering from it all.

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