Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some progress is being made...

Slowly, but surely, I seem to be moving forward. I worked pretty much non-stop Tues and Wed to get my cover sketches finalized before Critique meeting Wed. night. (Dinner? Floor swept? Dishes? Ha! I was lucky to get a shower in). Refined my sketches pretty much to finish. Also took some photos for my reindeer/promotional that is also due in a couple of weeks. Got some good feedback at the meeting. Everyone there had been working hard as well. G got her new book back from the printers, which was fun too see after seeing it in progress for so long. Our critique group got a lovely dedication on the title page. K was also working on an educational book - modes of transportation. I was totally impressed by her treatment of planes, trains and automobiles - a topic which neither of us enjoys trying to draw. S got the news that her "Bellevue Buck" design was accepted. She is getting a life-sized form of a deer to decorate - which she is going to cover with sea-forms painted on silk. The proposal looked amazing. I'm excited to see it. M has sold more paintings, and aquired more students and is building a portrait portfolio. And J is going great guns in preparing for her upcoming show in April. She had at least 6 different pieces in various stages of finish. Very impressive. It was a very full meeting.

Today, I got caught up on the dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, watched "Lost" and "Invasion" whilst catching up on the computer. Did some googling for Laplander reindeer and costumes for the winter mailer. Got my cover sketches transfered to watercolor paper - now need to finish those drawings and do some color comps.

Actually got to cook dinner tonight. We had herbed-pan-fried trout. (Used lemon-salt, chili pepper, thyme, parsley, and lemon grass mixed in spelt flour to dredge the egg/milk battered fish. Yum.) Wish I knew had to fillet/de-bone these things more cleanly and easily. Not a skill I ever learned. Also steamed quinoa, and spinach/arugula/carrot salad. With a couple of persimmons for dessert.

I've got the kids working on some Christmas carol duets on their brass for my December lesson. When they aren't altercating, they sound pretty darn good together. J is kind of limping around - he started wrestling again this week, and they are working out really hard. Hopefully the painful part of this will pass quickly for him.

Couple of movie reviews - E got this cute little portable DVD player for car travel, but I discovered it sits quite nicely on my studio table (which is not necesarily a good thing. :-). I watched the A&E "Ivanhoe" miniseries. For the budget they had, they did a pretty good job with costumes and scenery (castles, horses, battle scenes). It was a pretty good production, but I am ultra-sensitized at the moment, and can hardly bear watching people be cruel to other people. Can't stand cruelty. Other than that, it was pretty well done. I also watched both "X-Men" movies - as well as all their special features. That was easier-to-take escapism...

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