Thursday, February 02, 2006

I got tagged...

Am I avoiding the studio? Well, yes...

But so that I don't come across as a complete sloth, I DID teach a very involved class on "Value" today, and spent a couple of hours with my 'painting friend'. We've been painting together a couple of times a week for over 5 years now, but have gotten out of the habit over this past year - she had some serious health issues, and even after those were better, she was working on giant silk paintings (which are difficult to transport) and I've been working on many-at-a-time paintings - also not convenient to transport - so we'd still paint at the same time - but in our own studios. Now that I'm back to drawing for the next week or so, I can go do it in her studio (which is nice for company, and for feedback).

Had to take my son to piano lessons, and pick up my daughter from volleyball. Made a quick run to the grocery store. Took a greatly needed nap. Shot some more reference photos (my last "Herald Angel" shots from Monday weren't what I wanted) - my son had a friend over who indulged me and stuck some very heroic and angelic poses. :-) (My kid's friends are used to being recruited at a moments notice..). I did get all my reference photos cleaned up and printed out so that I hopefully can REALLY get drawing on this tomorrow. Think good thoughts in my direction.

Anyway - here's my tag. Anyone who is moved, feel free to respond in kind:


4 jobs I have done:
-Two weeks at an herb packaging plant right after we got married. It was so loud that you couldn’t even talk to anyone. It was miserable.
-I temped part of a summer for Chase Manhattan Bank in their customer support division answering phones for hours on end.
-Worked a couple of summers in the DuPont technical library. The most interesting thing was finding my Grandpa Larsen’s name in the card catalog under “lycra”. (He lead the team that developed it).
-Somehow got hired to work in the computer lab in the statistics dept. in college – to help tutor a level I hadn’t taken yet (in fact, I had started at the design dept at this point)…. The powers-that-be didn’t seem concerned when I tried to explain. Luckily, next to no students ever came in. I spent time drawing keyboards…

4 films I watch again and again:
-Wuthering Heights (the Ralph Fiennes version)
-Practical Magic

4 places I’ve lived:
-New Jersey

4 TV shows I love (old):
-Original Star Trek

4 TV shows I love (current):
-Veronica Mars
-Battlestar Galactica
-Gilmore Girls

4 places I’ve been on holiday:
-Yellowstone Park
-Sunset and Ocean Isle Beach, NC
-Machiasport, Maine
-Fishersville, Virginia

4 websites you visit daily:
-The family blogs
-Jane Yolen’s Journal
-Neil Gaiman’s Journal
-The artists’ blogs on my links

4 favorite foods:
-Flourless chocolate cake from Whole Foods
-Chicken satay with peanut sauce (and that other Thai ‘salad’ that I always get)
-Grilled vegetables
-Chinese candied eggplant

4 places I’d rather be right now:
-Thatched cottage on the west coast of Ireland. For the summer.
-Brandywine valley, Delaware – especially the fairy garden at Winterthur Gardens
-That house in ‘Practical Magic’ on the coast of Friday Harbor Island
-Mom’s house….


Rebecca Bush said...

Hi Tara,

See, I'm checking your blog!

Let's see, weird jobs:
Washing radioactive test tubes in a college research lab.
Running the "Scrambler" rider at Deer Park Funland.

Take care, get another nap in!

anj said...

I love your list! Thanks for playing. We must've been silver sisters (made that up, but think it signifies very, very good friends) in a past life. We have so much in common. Glad to meet you... again. :)

Wish I could've sat in on your value class. I'm somewhat of a drawing-instruction-addict. Since I'm trying to teach myself (within my crazy schedule that doesn't allow for formal classes), I'm always on the look out for drawing pointers. I wish I could find myself a local drawing buddy. The time you spend with your painting friend sounds fruitful.

Have a great weekend!