Thursday, March 30, 2006

More "Country Village"

Spring continues to burst out at an ever increasing rate. Daffodils, hyacinths, primulas. Pink and lavender azaleas. The willows and Indian plums are leafing out.

It was so beautiful after my class this morning that I had to take a few photos while waiting for my lunch. (It felt very ap propos - I had brought daffodils for us to draw in class today):

The roosters were preening and the ducks were getting chummy. I've never seen as many ducks there as I did this morning. They were even laying in the middle of the parking lots.

My favorite feature in the garden outside of the little restaurant is the miniature contorted filberts. (The fowls enjoy lurking underneath and looking picturesque).

It really is a lovely location to spend time at. I currently have 2 morning classes there a week. A diverse group of interesting women. My night class at the Community College is twice as large - and a more lively group this time around. Keeps me on my toes.


Ulla said...

What an amazingly inspiring place to have a class. The photos are lovely. Do you draw outside as well?

tlc illustration said...

Now that it's warming up (and not raining every minute of every day!) I certainly hope to!