Saturday, August 02, 2008

Printer Review -

As I've mentioned in previous posts, one of the most potentially useful professional tidbits that I gleaned from the IMC was the use of a larger format Epson printer for transferring final drawings onto watercolor paper-

Previously, I have drawn my final version on tracing paper and then used a light box to trace it onto Arches coldpress paper. There is always some 'degradation' when going from the glassy smooth surface of the tissue paper to bumpy Arches, and not only does it take time to trace, but then to *fix* that transfer (and if you are drawing tiny, little faces, they don't always fare so well with all the texture), so if I can save all that transfer/fix-it time, it'll save me up to a week per book! That will justify the expense of the printer quite quickly.

So, here's my final tracing-paper sketch, almost ready to scan and clean up in Photoshop -

The Epson dealer assured me that the 140 lb coldpress that I use was not too heavy to go through this printer. It takes up to 13x19 sheets - which I have to cut to size (exactly) to fit.

Then here's my new baby, an Epson R1900 which will produce archival quality prints on heavy weight paper.

I tried several different types of papers, just to compare and see what works best. Still a few kinks to work out, but over all I am *thrilled* with the results! If this is the only tangible benefit I reap from the IMC, it will have still been totally worth it.

(detail from latest cover - face intact!)


Koldo said...

It's always very interesting to peek at other artist's workshops, see how they work. Curious to see yours...

By the way, did I tell you your works reminds me of the great Cecily Mary Baker?

d. moll, said...

Wow, seems totally worth it if it saves you a week in time plus increases quality. Can Rima's clock save you time too? Lovely detail on the face and look at those subtle little collarbones, very nice.

Hayden said...

thanks for the process post, I love seeing how things come to be!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is currently researching printers so will send her this link.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks for the review :) Love the hair texture you have gotten,

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you for posting this Tara. A good printer is my next investment and I value your opinion.

Karen said...

Hello Tara,
I've just been wandering in 'blogland' and stumbled upon your lovely place!
What beautiful magical paintings!
Thankyou for sharing the information about your printer. I was really interested, as I am looking into buying a new one soon.
Have a lovely day :)

Naturegirl said...

Tara I always feel privileged to see your drawings first hand. My collections of your
~Fairy Chronicles covers~ and illustrations are always so enchanting for me to view!

I have a new *hp photosmart printer* that does everything but talk! I"ve yet to learn how to use the darn thing after 6 months!!!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my latest post! hugs aNNa xo

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about the printer. I want to save up. I have one in mind but I may have to compare it to this one. You've been a very busy lady, my goodness. It all sounds wonderful though. And yes, I am getting better. I found the workbook, now I'm going to getting the pencils. It seems I have everything but what she requests! Want to do it right you know. thanks for asking!

Rebecca Bush said...

Congratulations on your new "baby"! How wonderful to find such a great shortcut. The cover detail is lovely!

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous! Love seeing the process!

leslie said...

When you submit your original artwork to the publisher, it is on Arches?

Tell me if I understand this correctly...the printer "ink" becomes the initial lines on the final artwork?

Man that is an amazing timesaver!

Love the "flying fairy model" photos! :)

tlc illustration said...

Koldo - you are very kind. I admire CM Barker greatly.

d. moll - Yes! I suspect Rima's clock is indeed that magical!

hayden, dinahmow, jennifer r., kim - thankyou.

Karen, thankyou and welcome.

NG - I think you are my biggest fan.

Vickie, rebecca, sandra - also thanks.

leslie - yes (the final artwork submitted is on Arches coldpress) and yes (the printer ink now substitutes for my pencil line. And the cool thing is that I can make it any color and any value that I want to!!)

Soozcat said...

Hooray! It looks wonderful--not only does it save you time, but probably a great deal of frustration to boot.
"Come on teeny face... GAAAH TARA SMASH!" ... OK, not really. :)

Gina said...

That's wonderful, looks like a beauty and isn't it great when something works like you want it to!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments over on my blog.
I agree, we do like alot of similar things :)
I have also got chickens! We got them last year from day old chicks, but have ended up with 4 cockerels and only 3 hens! :(
I have added you to my blogroll, I hope thats ok?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know I purchased the workbook you suggested and some supplies. I'm planning on torturing everyone with my progress. I hope to begin working in it this weekend. I've warned people in my post. Thanks for the advice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tara, for pointing me to this post. It's fascinating. I can imagine it saves so much time and especially frustration. If you mess something up, you can just print it out again. Very ingenious!

Beautiful work and I have to say I have really enjoyed your blog. It's always so interesting!