Friday, February 26, 2010

Figure Friday - Galubrious-style...

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant, albeit eccentric researcher named Doctor Galubrious. He traveled throughout the Victorian-era and steampunked-flavored countryside, accompanied by his beautiful and talented daughters. According to his dairies, their mission (amongst other things):
The goal of the team is to document for science and lend aid to those in need of assistance in dealing with magical creatures. The Galubrious team specializes in fairies, but are experienced in dealings with boggarts, gnomes, banshees, grindylow, dugbogs, pixies, porlock, and merpeople.

Your figures for today include Lenore:

And Lucia:

[And as a sideline, the girls (who are also known as my fairy nieces) also seem to provide compulsory modeling services for a reclusive, website-less creative who is dabbling in steampunky floral ornaments. Whilst there is no website presence, occasionally you can find them on ebay]:

(I was lucky enough to score this mermaid/button/clock-gear floral pin for my birthday!)

Have a most Galubrious Friday!

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The Garden Ms. S said...

How enchanting! The fairy nieces are once again the lovliest of models :)