Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday - codas...

I'm on the very last leg of the very last book of the Wind Dancer series.... I'm waiting for the last sketch approval for the last drawing of book #12 (everything else is drawn and scanned. I'm awaiting for the arrival of my supposedly fixed laptop tomorrow so that I can print them out, and then begin painting them.)

In addition to these, there is one more illustration needed for one of the previous books still in production, and yes, it is indeed another puppy.

Here is to one more week of painting, and then - a break??!


Soozcat said...

Huzzah for much-needed breaks!

And cute puppy, btw.

ruthie said...

i think you sure do deserve a wee break!

d. moll, said...

Such a happy puppy! LOL fueled by chocolate?

Artoholic said...

Gorgeous puppy!

An artist having a break? Who ever heard of such a thing!

Paint on!!!



Michelle Palmer said...

I hope you find a fun "you time" project after this very extended deadline~
I can't wait to see your beautiful illustrations! Oh the joy they'll bring to so many...
Wishing you the best~