Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday - Greensleeves

It is still hard to post from this ancient computer, but a) the computer box from Dell *finally* arrived and my new laptop has been sent off to their magical elves to hopefully fix up as good as new and I feel like celebrating and b) we attended my daughter's All State Concert this weekend, so it feels like I really should post something musical to commemorate. :-)

A couple of weeks ago I posted several versions of Scarborough Fair. Heather Hedin Singh kindly recommended a contemporary fantasy called "Impossible" by Nancy Werlin that was based on that song which I read this weekend whilst traveling to and from the concert-across-the-state, so I've felt a little immersed in traditional ballads. Thus this week, I bring you Greensleeves.

My favorite version is by Loreena McKennitt. She states in the liner notes of "The Visit" that she "had always wondered how Tom Waits would sing 'Greensleeves'"... and that "while waiting to do something else [they] accidentally and spontaneously recorded this track in one take without ever intending to release it."

And this is an old, lovely, guitar-riffing version by Ritchie Blackmore - then of Rainbow.

Do you have another version of "Greensleeves" that you love?

I'm now in the mood for more contemporary/urban fantasy utilizing old ballads. "Greensleeves" is referenced in books like The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper and Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee, but I can't think of any books directly based on it. Anyone out there know of one? Or other contemporary fantasy based on ballads that you can recommend?


The Garden Ms. S said...

Lovely selections for this song. Thanks! :)

I recently read through the Dark is Rising series and remembered I had read it at some point before in my life, maybe when I was a tween. Certainly this time I enjoyed the compact resonance of her writing style - poetic and yet not a word wasted. Maybe I should back and re-read some other childhood classics :)

Danielle Barlow said...

They are both great renditions of Greensleeves! I hadn't heard the Ritchie Blackmore one before.

marry said...

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Hayden said...

omg - another fan of Silver Metal Lover?

I really LOVE that book. Never was caught by the few of her others I picked up, but that one is a gem.

Always thought it would be a fabulous movie.

ruthie said...

Hello Tara, its so long since i came over. Hope you are good. I love greensleeves by Loreena. This song always reminds me of my grandmother as she would sing it to us as children, happy times x