Saturday, June 11, 2011

IMC '11 - Day 1

Today was such a busy, loaded day I hardly had a chance to pull my camera out!
(this year's faculty at the welcome-lecture)
The day started off with the traditionally wonderful slideshow and opening remarks -
There was also a lecture by Iain McCaig - that was incredible. That man is a Super Hero. And he knows *everything*.  And a really informative  lecture on photo referencing by a bunch of the faculty in the evening.

Then there were critiques of our sketches for a great deal of the day. I was in the studio with Rebecca Guay, Julie Bell, Iain McCaig and Greg Manchess critiquing. It comes as no surprise, but these guys are *brilliant!*. So many good suggestions. So much can be learned listening to all the various critiques.

Iain McCaig (who is nearly frenetically energetic) gave very animated demonstrations of poses and design - complete with roll playing and sound effects. :-)

My critique was pretty short. Some nudging of characters and the text.....
(Some possible 'doggoyle' designs...)
This was my submitted sketch... Have now scanned it and will move stuff around in Photoshop, print out large and draws-for-real!  Most go work.


Cindy said...

I am green with envy. I really wish I was there with you all. I remember how that first day is so very exciting there at the IMC. (And all the days after, as well.) I will be looking forward to your posts so that I may live a little vicariously through you.
Your sketch looks great! It reminds me a bit of a Larry MacDougall kind of vibe (which I adore). I hope you have a great week.

Chris.P said...

I'm beyond green. Bordering on Veridian:)