Saturday, February 11, 2012

Succulent Saturday - FaerieCon West Part II

The panels we attended were exceptionally good! Impressive, articulate, smart and informative panelists. (This one was actually on Steampunk - which was fun and ironic. Musician, modder, and authors).

(they seemed just as enamored of the audience as were with them. :-)

There were a number of authors there that I've read, or now want to read. I recently finished up Lisa Mantchev's Theatre Illuminata trilogy (fun and theatrical!). 

Also got to chat with Julie Kawagawa, Charles de Lint, Jesa MacBeth, etc...

There were a number of artist's also in attendance. Brom (who is guesting everywhere this year!)

Daniel Merriman, Amy Brown, Toby Froud, and more artistic goodness!

The talks on the state of publishing were a bit overwhelming and potentially depressing - things are changing SO quickly, it's hard to know how to keep up or where to go next. Robert Gould (super mega-transmedia mogul and the Con's organizer) had many impressive, thought provoking things to say. I have much to think on now...

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