Saturday, February 11, 2012

Succulent Saturday - FaerieCon West, Part III

 We also squeezed in as much time with the fun vendors as possible.

 This gal makes pointy, leafy, leather ear-tips. Clever and really cute on.

 I loved this guys' hand-made stuffed goblins. 

 And this gal makes the most gorgeous, traditional Venetian papier mache masks -

 Cyndy (the mask maker) also did a face-casting demonstration - 

 It looks immensely doable... I may have to try this at some point!

Aren't they gorgeous? Maybe my favorite thing of the day.


Karen said...

Looks magical. I love the masks! The person having their face cast brings back memories of my sister years back when her artist boyfriend decided to have a go at this. He didn't use enough oil and the hospital had to cut it off my sisters face. She had no eyebrows or eyelashes left. Lol, shouldn't laugh really. ;)

Bronwyn said...

i love the hairstyle of the woman with leather ear tips.