Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Monday - Green Grow the Rushes Oh (FaerieCon Part II)

Felt like we need a little Cherish the Ladies today....  
(So love Aiofe Clancy's voice).

My remaining day at FaerieCon West was full of fun -
 Got to be on a panel with a handful of amazing artists (Julie Baroh, Echo Chernik, Brom, Heather Hudson and Emily Fiegenshuh (you'll have to google them yourself. I'm not looking up that many links tonight).

 Spent a goodly portion of the day helping at the booth. Got to talk to lots of fun people.

 Other lovely people I got to chat with - the etherial Stephanie Pui-Mun Law -

 The adorable Patricia Hedegaard (who taught the gargoyle class the day before)-

 One of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint (and his lovely wife MaryAnn), and Nina Kiriki Hoffman -

 Plus got to spend some time with the always fabulous Brom (here with darling Julie Baroh) -

 And then there were all the fairies -

The performers-

 The pirates!(?)

The babies... :-)

It takes a lot of energy! (I thought these the most practical footwear of the day!)


Sarah-Bodera said...

I had never heard of this event before! I looks like so much fun! Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is one of my art heroes and it's just so lovely to see her sitting there amongst all her gorgeous work. I will definitely look into visiting next year :)

Tara Chang said...

It's new to Seattle (only in its second year), although the east coast version, and the summer 'FaerieWorlds' in Oregon have been going on for quite a bit longer. Really fun! Do come!