Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday - the Faerie Art Show

 This year, I curated the Faerie Art Show for Krab Jab Studio.
Happily, a number of top notch artists agreed to participate. 

I also helped physically lay out the show, and 'decorate' the studio to make it more faerie-licious.

The turn-out was brisk, despite impending inclement weather.

There was lots of fabulous art - here from Sheila and Omar Rayyan.

Brian Froud (there are Pressed Faerie paintings as well as a number of incredible fine art prints).

Faerie portrait from Greg Manchess.

Gorgeous graphite from Jean-Baptiste Monge - along with many many other pieces. (You can see the online catalog here).

Along with the original art, there are books and prints - so many visual delights!

The other thing I worked on was the snack table - a faerie feast!

- an assortment of dark delectables.

- and goblin fruits. :-)

The crowning centerpiece of the entire spread was this overflowing basket of incredibly realistic meringue mushrooms (made by an uber-talented friend of mine).

Aren't they gorgeous? (The looked realistic enough that no one would eat them until I labeled them).

This tiny art patron got her handful of goblin fruit and faerie mushrooms and staked out a section of floor to enjoy a picnic.

Lots of friends came to support - despite a bleak and snowy evening.

Thanks again to head poohbah, the illustrious Julie Baroh, for facilitating all things Krab Jab.

It was a lovely night, and even a more lovely show.

You still have a couple of weeks to see it. This weekend, it will be at FaerieCon West - along with a half dozen of the show's artists.

Come see!

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And it is well worth seeing!