Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Krab Jab open - A Peculiar Alchemy, Tea Party!

I did get to help out with the 'treats' for this open. Given that the art is fairly Victorian in theme and feel, we opted to go with a tea party theme. 

Also incorporating the show's title, we made sure the various elements were peculiar combinations of flavors -

 Such as the Salted-Honey-Lavender-Shortbread, and the Almond-Apricot scones with Lemon Curd.

 Here - Cheddar-Chives scones with Bay Laurel Clotted Cream.

 There was a tower of meringue bites! Cardamon-Rose, Spicy-Chai, and Chocolate-Mint flavored.

 The table was decorated with springy-things - Sweet Cicely fronds, moss, violets, tulips, camelias, etc...

 - as well as a collection of Taber's Victorian Christmas cards, mounted on antique photo boards...

 Tea was a peculiar combination of Hibiscus and Passionfruit and other yummy herbs.

Delicious and beautiful. Lovely evening overall.

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