Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Krab Jab open - A Peculiar Alchemy

Saturday evening, I got to attend a very lovely gallery open, named A Peculiar Alchemy at Krab Jab Studios -
 This one was particularly special to me, given that it was for Norman and Tory Taber - my sister and her husband. :-)

 I may be a bit biased, but thought this an exceedingly lovely show - a charming mix of paintings, photo-collage and assemblages. 

(One of Tory's 'Tattered Faerie Specimen" paintings. Look at those wings!
"Blackthorn, "Prunus Spinosa": Adjusting Nicely")

 There were interesting, quirky Victorian items decorating the studio (the Victorian Tea Party/food table will be featured in the following post).

 Norman's photo-collages (in hand-made frames of reclaimed cherry wood), and 'boxes'.

( "Booth", by Norman Taber)

 All the art is tagged, like Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities specimens.

 ("#75" - one of Norman's boxes.)

It was a dramatically beautiful day.

 ("The Little Mermaid", by Tory Taber)

There was a nice and steady turn-out -

- as well as an Artist Talk by Tory - describing their work and process.

 (Tory's gorgeous sketchbook)

 Tory- with Krab Jab facilitator, Julie Baroh.

 ("Why Can't I Be You?", by Tory Taber)

It was truly a lovely evening and an even more stunning show. If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and go see it in person. If you're not local, at least look at the online catalog. It's a treat!

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