Thursday, July 30, 2009

Covers - The Wind Dancers

After reaching temperatures of 111 degrees yesterday (insane! This is Seattle! The highest temperature recorded here *ever* previously was like 96), the intense heat and air stagnation have tangibly broken. It is still supposed to be warm for the foreseeable future, but in a much more reasonable, mid-80s sort of way (our norms for July run more in the mid-70s, so this is still hot for here). With the temperatures finally more bearable, I'm able to resume working rather than just sitting in front of a fan panting... :-)

If you have followed this blog at all, you will have noticed me mentioning the series I've been working on for the past couple of years, The Wind Dancers, written by Sibley Miller, co-illustrated by myself and Jo Gershman and published by Feiwel & Friends in association with Breyer. The first four came out late last year (for which we've done promotional videos, presentations, book signings and TV appearances at Breyerfest. I've also discussed the vagaries of color matching here). It's been quite a fun ride.

The next couple of books are listed on Amazon for pre-order.

With the next pair to follow shortly after...

Currently, we are working on the final four books in this series. Even as I type, I am working on the next four covers, which I've gotten permission to post WIPs as I go, so watch over the next little while and I'll try to post the process and thinking behind covers in an ongoing series.

Til then, it's cool enough that I think I can even sleep tonight!


m.b said...

Tara, these are just lovely - so fanciful and fun! :) I'm so jealous, I would love to do this kind of thin - lucky you. Small world connection - I interviewed with Breyer right after college - to develop paint/color prototypes for the models. Despite the fact I'd been collecting the product since childhood and had extensive knowledge of horse anatomy and color, they didn't hire me because I didn't have sufficient airbrushing skills - LOL!

andrea said...

If I was 10 years old you would *SO* be my hero. (As it is, you're still my hero. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

those are gorgeous :D Love the purple and orange colours scheme. The wings on that works are beautiful, on all of them actually

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I love the flying horses!! Love them.

111??? No. No. Not good.

Kim said...

These are beautiful pictures. My daughter has the toy of the golden horse! How surprising to come here and find that you've illustrated the books :)

Kim x