Thursday, February 21, 2013

FaerieCon West -

 As I reported in a previous blog post,  my latest painting is hanging in a Faery Art show with Krab Jab Studios in Seattle this month.

The timing of this show purposely coincides with this weekend's FaerieCon West.

(I attended the first one last year - reported on it here).

 This year, I'm helping man Krab Jab's booth. There will be samples of pieces from the show (this one is by my artist sister, Tory Taber).

..... and will be participating on this panel Saturday at noon. (this is one panel from Norman Taber's triptych).

Fans who read this blog have generously been offered a discount on tickets if you use the code: FCW1320 (you'll get 20% off any ticket!).

Come see me!

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